Heavy Duty Wind Monitor-HD-Alpine Model 05108-45

Heavy Duty Wind Monitor-HD-Alpine Model 05108-45
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R.M. Young Windsensoren:

The Heavy Duty Wind Monitor HD-Alpine combines the features of the HD unit along with the ice... more
Product information "Heavy Duty Wind Monitor-HD-Alpine Model 05108-45"

The Heavy Duty Wind Monitor HD-Alpine combines the features of the HD unit along with the ice resistant coating of our popular Alpine Wind Monitor. Robust, reliable, durable . . . . all words to describe the latest addition of the Young family of wind monitors developed to endure the most extreme environments.The Wind Monitor-HD-Alpine utilizes extremely long wearing, oversize ceramic bearings to increase the service life many times longer than standard stainless steel bearings. In addition to being more wear resistant, ceramic bearings are resistant to corrosion in environments that are hostile to steel bearings.

The Wind Monitor HD-Alpine also has an oversized propeller shaft, high pitch propeller and locking propeller nut, all features that will further enhance the long term reliability of the sensor.

All external housing surfaces are coated with a specially formulated, ice resistant coating to improve performance in harsh Alpine conditions. The all-black color scheme further enhances the ice shedding performance of the sensor.

The instrument mounts on standard 1 inch pipe.

Sensor Type: Heavy Duty Wind Monitor-HD
Output signal : 0...5VDC, 4 ... 20 mA, induzierte wechselspannung, resistance 10K Ω
Norm: VDI 3786 Paget 2 Wind.
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 5 Measurement of surface wind
Manufacturer: R.M. Young
Application: Airports, Buoys, climate measurements, Disposal site monitoring, Environmental Protection, Gliding ports, Hydrology, industry, Landing sites, Marine, Military, Research, Solar technology, Synoptic, Transport Meteorology, Water Management, Wind energy
Measuring element:: Blade wind vane, Expanded Polystyrene propeller (EPS
Measurement methods: Inductive sensor unidirectional, Potentiometer
Measuring range (m / s): 0...100 m/S
Measuring range (°): 0...360
Measurement Accuracy: Windgeschwindigkeit: ± 0,3 m / s (0,6 mph) oder 1% des Messwerts Windrichtung: ± 3 °
Resolution: 0,1 m/s
thresholdt [m/s]: < 1,0
Damping: 1,1 m
Dimension (cm): 37 cm (14,6 Zoll) H x 55 cm (21,7 Zoll) L, Propeller: 18 cm (7 Zoll) Durchmesser Montage: Ø 34 mm (Standard 1 Zoll Rohr)
Weight (Kg): 2,3
Operating temperature [° C]: -50...+50°C
Housing: Plastics
voltage supply: 4..28 VDC
Degree of protection: IP65
mobile: Yes
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