About us

The company Hydrometeorological Instruments and Facilities Dyrk Peters (HIM) was (established on 1.6.1992 in Potsdam byDipl. Ing (FH) Dyrk Peters and Dr. Eginhard Peters.

H.I.M. is a specialist in the field of meteorology, hydrology and aerology.

Offered are sales, maintenance, service and quality of meteorological and hydrological instruments. The products are designed for professional use, but are also suitable for the interested layman.

The product portfolio H.I.M. consists of 7 columns:

1. Sales of complete meteorological stations or parts thereof. Here offers and complete projects are created, implemented and taken over the entire maintenance at the customer on request.

2. Sales of aerological consumables. The company H.I.M. sells in Europe exclusively meteorological balloons a famous Japanese manufacturer.

3. Production of OEM Products  The company HIM manufactures custom work parts of conventional meteorological equipment such as Psychrometers and different typs of surface thermometer holder, which are sold by well-known German manufacturers worldwide.

4. Production and exclusive sales of own industrial PC line of digital sensors Software http://www.himcomp.net.

5. OEM software sales among others MDO software and energy data software in the new federal state countries.

6. Exclusive distribution of particulate measurement technology in Germany of Italian manufacturer

7. Exclusive distribution of windsock stations for airports and heliports.

From H.I.M. become scientific world a plurality of contacts and university institutions and maintained to international organizations.

The Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industry,

•World Meteorological Organization,

•Association of German Enginee

•Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

•Asia-Pacific Forum e.V.

Furthermore we present ourselves on the portal

 https://www.xing.com/profile/Dyrk_Peters, which offers a variety of professional contacts, offers and experiences.