Soil Moisture Sensor UMP BTIM

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The Soil Moisture Sensor UMP BTIM is a combination sensor for determining soil moisture and... more
Product information "Soil Moisture Sensor UMP BTIM"

The Soil Moisture Sensor UMP BTIM is a combination sensor for determining soil moisture and electrical conductivity. For wireless data transmission is used a Bluetooth interface. A Li-Pol battery is integrated. The probe tip length is 150 mm and the probe tip diameter 5 mm.

Other features include:

  •          charging takes place via a charging socket
  •          free app for Android smartphone or software for Windows (from XP) allows anytime wireless access for communication
  •          Android 2.3
  •          online display of measured values
  •          Logging of measured values
Sensor Type: FDR-Sensors, TDR-Sensors, UMP-Sensors
Norm: DIN EN 55011 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment, DIN EN 60751 Platinum measuring resistors, VDI 3786 13 Meteorological measurements - measuring station
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 11 Measurement of soil moisture
Application: Agriculture, climate measurements, Disposal site monitoring, industry, Research
Measurement methods: FDR, TDR, UMP
Manufacturer: UGT
Measurement frequency for water content: (Mhz): 40
Antenna length / Diameter (mm):: 150 / 5
Measuring range water content (% vol.): 0 ... 100% vol. Water content
Measurement accuracy water content (% Vol.) .:: ± 2%
Measuring range permittivity [ε:]: 0 … 80
Measuring range electrical conductivity [S / m]:: 0,001..25mS/cm
Measurement accuracy electrical conductivity [S / m]:: ± 1%
Measuring range soil temperature (° C):: -20 … +60 °C
Measurement accuracy soil temperature (° C):: ± 0,2°C @-20...+40°C
Measurement volume (ml):: 1000
Interfaces: Bluetooth
Operating conditions: Indoor, Outdoor
voltage supply: 6 ... 24 VDC
Power consumption: 60 mA
Dimension (cm): L 30 x 10 cm
Weight (Kg): 0,4
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