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HD3114B is a pressure, temperature and humidity handheld data logger with a large (43 x 58 mm)... more

HD3114B is a pressure, temperature and humidity handheld data logger with a large (43 x 58 mm) color graphic LCD display.

The instrument has a built-in precision barometric sensor for the measurement of the atmospheric pressure and the calculation of the following barometric and altimetric derived parameters: barometric tendency (numerical) and trend (decrease, steady, increase), altitude, QNH (atmospheric pressure at mean sea level). The instrument can display the internal temperature of the barometric sensor.

The input for SICRAM probes (intelligent and interchangeable probes capable to store calibration data into memory) allows connecting:

  • 4-wire Pt100 temperature probes.
  • Temperature and relative humidity combined probes.
  • TP704/TP705 absolute/relative/differential probes with PP471 module.

The type of SICRAM probe connected is automatically recognized by the instrument. The probes are supplied factory-calibrated and are interchangeable. Calibration reports or certificates are available upon request.

By connecting a combined temperature and relative humidity probe, the instrument calculates the quantities derived from humidity: dew point temperature, wet bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, partial vapor pressure, saturated vapor pressure, enthalpy. Moreover, the DI discomfort index and the NET (Net Effective Temperature) index are calculated.

Simultaneous display of three variables in numerical form. Real time visualization on display of the graph of a measured variable.

Measurement units selectable according to the measured physical quantity.

Data logging function with data storing in CSV format directly to the SD type memory card, for a long duration of the logging (for example, with a 4GB SD card, the duration of the logging is in the order of months, even when recording many quantities with the minimum logging interval equal to 1 second). Storage interval configurable by the user. Automatic or manual start and stop of the logging. Storing of date and time of each recorded sample. Automatic creation of measurement reports in PDF format on the memory card.

Manual (it captures the current measurement at simply pushing a key) or automatic (it acquires the current measurement once per second) RECORD function for the calculation of minimum, medium and maximum values measured.


Report in PDF format with graphs and tables

HOLD function (it freezes the current measurements on display) and REL function (difference compared to a stored value).

Password protected functions. A “Quick Help” on the display helps using the instrument functions.

The USB Port with mini‑USB connector for PC connection is meant for configuration and download of the acquired data. The DeltaLog9 application software is supplied. The USB port can operate in “HID” (Human Interface Device) or “Virtual COM” mode. The “HID” mode has the advantage of not requiring the installation of USB drivers: when the instrument is connected to the PC, the Windows® operating system recognizes the instrument automatically and uses the drivers that are already included in the operating system. The “Virtual COM” mode allows communicating with the instrument by sending commands via a generic serial communication program.

It has the MSD (Mass Storage Device) under which the instrument is considered by the PC an SD card reader, thus allowing direct access to the memory card to view, copy or delete the recorded files.

Serial output for printing the visualized measures on a printer with RS232C input. Baud Rate adjustable from 1200 to 115200.


Example of the measurement print out

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Auto power off (excludable) after an idle time configurable by the user (2, 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes) to preserve the battery charge. External power supply  through USB port (with mini‑USB connector) by connecting a 5 Vdc adapter or the USB port (at least 500 mA) of a PC. With external power supply connected, the battery is recharged and the auto power off is automatically deactivated.

A strong and protective rubber housing, provided with a removable back support, is available as option.