Data logger METLOG

DAtenlogger Met[log]
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The METLOG is a small 3.4-channel data logger with a serial interface and connection to the LAN... more
Product information "Data logger METLOG"

The METLOG is a small 3.4-channel data logger with a serial interface and connection to the LAN (Ethernet). For fast commissioning met [LOG] has a push button for self configuration for LAMBRECHT meteo sensors: rain [e], EOLOS, ARCO, THP and WENTO.

 Interrupt generation with hysteresis or window function; Alarm output 4 digital outputs; 8 logical connectable warning channels

Graphical history display, trend display, graphic pointer instruments for wind speed and direction, status display for sunshine and rain, display for heat index / humidex and wind chill, sector display for 8x brightness, display duration of sunshine and rainfall duration for the day (available displays depend on the connected sensors)

Data storage on SD card in a ring buffer over a year

Overview of functions

· Connecting the serial LAMBRECHT sensors

· Simultaneously connect up to 3 Talker sensors (one per COM port)

· Connecting 4 analog / digital sensors

o temperature measurement NTC temperature sensors

o Direct connection of sensors with open collector or relay output

o connecting sensors with voltage output.

· Connecting the LAMBRECHT precipitation sensors with pulse output

o Integrated intensity-dependent linearization of rainfall

· Store the data on SD card

· Graphic linking of wind direction and speed adjustable

· Transferring the data to MeteoWare CS3

· Visualization of the instantaneous values and waveforms via a built-in Web Page

o pointer instruments for wind direction and wind speed

o history display for temperature, humidity, pressure, global radiation, rainfall

o Trend display for temperature, humidity, pressure

o Status indicator for sunshine and rain

o calculate and display the wind peak and the maximum gust

o calculate and display the heat index / humidex or Windchill

o If necessary, Calculate the dew point

o calculating the absolute humidity

o altitude correction of air pressure (QFE)

o Calculate the air pressure at sea level (QNH or QFF)

o calculation of sunshine throughout the day

o calculation of precipitation duration throughout the day

· Alerts via 4 digital outputs Output

o Wind Direction dependent warnings possible

o 8 warning channels that can be linked together logically (AND / OR)

o Configuration of alarms via an integrated Web Page

o hysteresis or window function

o logic test of the configured alarms

o Function test of the digital outputs of a button (Software)

· Configuration of the met [LOG] an integrated Web Page

o Configuration of Data Storage

o Configuration of Visualization

o Automatically setting the time and date when connected to a time server

· Auto configuration mode when connecting the serial LAMBRECHT sensors

· Different languages selectable (German / English)

· Connection of rain [e]

o rain [e] Talker protocol

o rain [e] SDI-12 to RS485

 · Easy Firmware Update via SD Card

Parameter: air pressure, Air pressure QFH, Air pressure QFN, air temperature, Impuls, Precipitation, Radiation, Relative humidity, soil temperature, Status, Sunshine duration, UV-Strahlung, water temperature, Wind direction, Windgeschwindigkeit, Windrichtung, Windweg
Application: Building automation, Coastal Surveillance, Disposal site monitoring, Environmental Protection, Evaporation, Hydrology, industry, Transport Meteorology, Water Management
Norm: DIN EN 50081/82 Electromagnetic Compatibility, DIN EN 55011 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment, VDE 0839-81-1: 1993-03. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)., VDE 0875-11: 2011-04 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment - Radio disturbance characteristics - Limits and methods of measurement
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part II Chapter 2 Measurements and observations at aeronautical meteorological stations
Manufacturer: Lambrecht Meteo
Averaging interval:: 1Min, 2Min, 5min, 10Min
Sampling frequency: 1min, 10s
Resolution (bits): 16
memory capacity data logger: > 8 GB
Memory type:: ring memory, SD
Output signal : Status
Input Measurement types: 2-, 3- und 4-Leiter, Counter, differenziell, seriell, Status
analog Input signal: 0 ... 1 VDC, 0 ... 10 VDC
Digital input signal: ASCII, SDI
Number of channels total: 4
Internal Web Server Data Logger: Yes
Interfaces: Rs485, SDI 12
Protocols: ASCII
External sensors data logger:: Air pressure, Counter, Humidity, Precipitation, Radiation, soil moisture, Temperature, Temperature / Humidity, Wind direction, Wind speed
voltage supply: 10 ... 30 VDC
Weight (Kg): 0,1
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