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The following wind sensors with no moving parts. These sensors are used in numerous... more
Product information "Static Sensors-EOLOS-IND"

The following wind sensors with no moving parts. These sensors are used in numerous applications, particularly in harsh environments. The compact design of the static measurement system and rugged housing make the sensor extremely reliable and durable.

Static sensors are also available as compact weather stations with 6 weather parameters:

    Wind direction
    Wind speed
    reltive humid
    air temperature
    dew point
    Barometer (EOLOS ind)

Sensor Type: Static sensor
Application: Agriculture, Airports, Building automation, Environmental Protection, Gliding ports, industry, Landing sites, Military, Solar technology, Wind energy
Parameter: air pressure, air temperature, Relative humidity, Windgeschwindigkeit, Windrichtung
Manufacturer: Lambrecht Meteo
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 2 Measurement of temperature, WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 3 Measurement of atmospheric pressure, WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 4 Measurement of humidity, WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 5 Measurement of surface wind
Norm: VDI 3786 Paget 2 Wind., VDI 3786 Part 3 air temperature, VDI 3786 Part 4 humidity, VDI 3786 Part 16 measuring the air pressure
atmospheric air pressure measurement method: piezoresistive
atmospheric air pressure measurement accuracy [hPa]: ± 0,5 hPa
atmospheric air pressure measuring range [hPa]: 600 ... 1100 hPa,
Humidity measurement method: Capacitives Polymer
Humidity measuring range [% RH]: 0 ... 100 % r.F.
Humidity measuring accuracy [% R.H.]: 3 % r.F.
Air temperature measuring range [° C]: -40 bis +60°C
Air temperature measurement accuracy [K]: +/- 0,8°
Wind speed measurement methods: thermoelektrisch
Wind speed threshold [m/s}: 0,1 m/s
Wind speed measurement accuracy [m / s]: +/- 0.5 m/s
Wind speed measuring range [m / s]: 0 - 85 km/h
Wind Direction Measurement process: thermoelektrisch
Windrichtung Ansprechschwelle [°]: < 0,1 m/s
Wind direction accuracy [°]: ± 5°
Windrichtung Messbereich: 0 - 360°
Dimension (cm): H 395 mm • Ø 190 mm • für Montagerohr Ø 60 mm
Power consumption: 2,5A
voltage supply: 24VDC
Degree of protection: IP66
Heating: fully suitable for winter
Interfaces: RS422
Masthalterung: 60 cm
Housing: lacquered aluminum
Weight (Kg): 3,6
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