PAR-Sensor 0...100mV

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Product information "PAR-Sensor 0...100mV"

The mV quantum sensor is used to measure the natural and artificial light radiation (Photosynthetic Active Radiation "PAR") relevant for the growth of plants. For the photosynthesis only the range of approx. 400 to 700 nanometers wavelength of the light radiation is important.

The photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) is detected by the quantum sensor in this spectral range. To compensate for all incident photons, the sensor sensitivity for the energy-rich, short-wave photons is smaller than for the energy-intensive, long-wave photons. This results in the typical PAR characteristic.

The quantum sensor is equipped with a detector approximating this characteristic curve.

Our quantum sensors are optimized for use with data loggers and control systems.

The basic design of the PAR quantum sensor:

Measuring range of e.g. 0 and 2000 μmol / m²
Linear output signal from 0 to 10 mV
In addition, we offer the following options:

Integrated measuring amplifiers (e.g., 0..1 V, 0..10 mA for 0..4000 μmol / m²s, etc. at 12 VDC)
3-point adjustment plates with canibelle for leveling
Counter plates for easy mounting on narrow or round surfaces
Underwater versions
Very fast sensors

Sensor for photosynthetic Active radiation (PAR) Measuring range 0 ... 5000 μmol / m²s; Approx. 400 ... 700 nm Without transmitter Output signal 0 ... 100 mV (differently possible, eg 50, 20 mV) Without supply (two-wire principle) Without output signal limitation Patented subassemblies 1.4 m connection cable, free ends with wire end ferrules (differently possible, eg 6m) aluminum - Die-cast housing, IP 65 weather-resistant coated Color: white, silkenmatt Output signal: 0 ... 20 μV

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