Infrared radiation sensor

Infrared radiation sensor
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Infrared radiation Infrared radiation is the entire diffuse and direct solar radiation... more
Product information "Infrared radiation sensor"

Infrared radiation

Infrared radiation is the entire diffuse and direct solar radiation impinging on the earth's surface. The spectral range extends from 700 nm to 5000 nm (IR).

 Infrared radiation sensor

The sensor detects nearly 30% of the solar spectrum in the range of 800 nm to 1100 nm and thus comprises the most relevant part of the IR. The measuring results are used in comparison with other spectral ranges to provide information on medically and biologically relevant relationships. The measuring head is used in areas of medical and biological research, weather information and forecasting systems, climate research, the agricultural sector and general population information. The IR measuring head has a weather-proof, anodized aluminum housing. The measurement is cos corrected. The light entry window is made of plastic.

Norm: VDI 3786 Part 5 Radiation Measurement
Sensor Type: Infrarotsensor
Application: Agriculture, climate measurements, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection, industry, Research, Solar technology, Transport Meteorology
Manufacturer: Indium Sensor
Measurement methods: SIC, Si Photodiode
Spectral range [nm]: 700. . 1100, 800 .. 1100
Measuring range (W/m2): 0 … 400
max. Spectral sensitivity [nm]: 950
Diffuser: PTFE
Dome: Geblasenes Glas, PMMA Polymethylmethacrylat
Linearity: < 1%
abs. Error: < 10%
Directionality: f2 < 3.0%
Residual voltage (mV): < 10
voltage supply: 7...18 VDC / 8 W
Output signal : 0...2 V DC, 0...5V DC, 0...10VDC
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