Soil Moisture Sensor UMP BT-PLUS

Soil Moisture Sensor UMP BT-PLUS
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The UMP-BT-Plus is the advanced form of the UMP-1 BT sensor. The data is also transferred... more
Product information "Soil Moisture Sensor UMP BT-PLUS"

The UMP-BT-Plus is the advanced form of the UMP-1 BT sensor. The data is also transferred to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth and can be visualized and managed there by using the app. In addition, this sensor has an internal memory, allowing an independent operational. The smartphone is only necessary to read out the data and the start, stop and manage a measurement. Thus, they are also suitable for longer-term use, especially used as stand alone sensors independently of complete measuring stations.



  • integrated data logger
  • small, stand-alone system
Sensor Type: FDR-Sensors, TDR-Sensors, UMP-Sensors
Norm: DIN EN 55011 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment, DIN EN 60751 Platinum measuring resistors, VDI 3786 Part 1 Meteorological measurements - Basics
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 11 Measurement of soil moisture
Application: Agriculture, climate measurements, Disposal site monitoring, industry, Research
Measurement methods: FDR, TDR, UMP
Manufacturer: UGT
Measurement frequency for water content: (Mhz): 60
Antenna length / Diameter (mm):: 100 / 3
Measuring range water content (% vol.): 0 ... 100% vol. Water content
Measurement accuracy water content (% Vol.) .:: ± 2%
Measuring range permittivity [ε:]: 0 … 80
Measuring range electrical conductivity [S / m]:: 0,001 … 5mS/cm Optionale Messwerterweiterung auf 40mS/cm möglich
Measurement accuracy electrical conductivity [S / m]:: ± 1%
Measuring range soil temperature (° C):: -20 … +60 °C
Measurement accuracy soil temperature (° C):: ± 0,2°C @-20...+40°C
Measurement volume (ml):: 1000
Interfaces: Bluetooth
Operating conditions: Indoor, Outdoor
voltage supply: 6 ... 24 VDC
Power consumption: 60 mA
Dimension (cm): L 30 x 10 cm
Weight (Kg): 0,4
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