Digital Air Pressure Sensor

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The air pressure sensor has an RS232 / RS485 interface and also has a 0-5 volt analog output or... more
Product information "Digital Air Pressure Sensor"

The air pressure sensor has an RS232 / RS485 interface and also has a 0-5 volt analog output or 4-20mA current output. These specifications allow a wide adaptation to the needs of customers.

The sensor and the terminals for the sensor cable located in a weatherproof housing. A universal pole mounting is included.

The main features of the electronic air pressure sensor are:

  • Digital sensor
  • mercury
  • connectable to a data logger
  • good measurement accuracy (± 0.3 hPa)
  • long-term stability
  • digital output (RS232 / RSS485)
  • temperature compensated
  • high reliability
  • maintenance-free
Sensor Type: analogous, digital, Sensor for air pressure
Application: Agriculture, Airports, climate measurements, Disposal site monitoring, Environmental Protection, Gliding ports, industry, Landing sites, Military, Research, Synoptic, Transport Meteorology, Transport monitoring
Norm: VDI 3786 Part 16 measuring the air pressure
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 3 Measurement of atmospheric pressure
Measurement methods: Frequency analog pressure sensor
voltage supply: 8 ... 28 V DC
Operating temperature (° C): -40 ... +60 °C
Measuring range [hPa]: 500...1100 hPa
Measurement Accuracy: 0.05% des analoges Messbereiches, 0.2hPa (25°C) 0.3 hPa (-40 ...+60°C)
Measuring Frequency: 1,8 hz max.
Long-term stability: 0.2% MB / a
Resolution (bits): Analogue 0.025% of MB, Serial 0.01 hPa
Test certificate:: 750 ... 1150 hPa 10 Prüfpunkte
Output signal : 0...5VDC, 4 ... 20 mA
Degree of protection: IP65
Dimension (cm): L 90mm x 60 mm x 20 mm
Weight (Kg): 0,05
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