Analog handheld anemometer 1438C

Analoger Metallhandwindmesser zur Bestimmung von Windrichtung und Windgeschwindigkeit
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The here offered hand anemometer 1438C is sold as used. He comes from Bundeswehr stocks. Hand... more
Product information "Analog handheld anemometer 1438C"

The here offered hand anemometer 1438C is sold as used. He comes from Bundeswehr stocks.

Hand anemometer 1438 C was the only analog and mass-produced hand anemometer with metal case on the German market in its production setting.

The 1438 C was standard equipment of the Bundeswehr and was characterized by robustness and precision.

Cup Hand anemometer 1438 C, with Wirbelstrommeßwerk; m / s-scale black, Beaufort figures red; Cup star made of impact resistant Makrolon; Handle can be unscrewed; Plexiglas not waterproof; Housing in black finish.

Accessories: carrying case, test certificate.


Technical specifications:

Measuring range: 0 ... 30 m / s, divided into 1 m / s

Threshold: approx. 2 m / s

MPE: ± 2.5% FS

Temperature range: -35 .. + 45 ° C

Dimensions: height 210 mm, cup star-0 100 mm,

Transport box 245 x 130 x 120 mm (L x W x H)

Weight: device 0,4 kg approximate, transport box about 0.9 kg

Manufacturer: Sato Keiryoki Mfg. Co., Ltd
Measuring device type: Handheld anemometer
Norm: VDI 3786 Paget 2 Wind.
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 5 Measurement of surface wind
Parameter: Windgeschwindigkeit, Windrichtung
Application: Agriculture, Airports, Coastal Surveillance, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Protection, Gliding ports, industry, Landing sites, Marine, Military, Offshore, Wind energy
Measurement methods: DC generator G2
Wind speed measurement methods: Robinson's Cross, optoelectronic
Wind Direction Measurement process: Wind vane, g-bit optoelectronischer Gray Code Encoder
Measuring range (m / s): 0...40 m/S
Measuring range (°): 0...360
Wind speed measurement accuracy [m / s]: ± 1,0m/s@10 m/s, ± 10%@>10m/s
Wind direction accuracy [°]: ± 5°
thresholdt [m/s]: < 1,0
Damping: >5°
Graduation: 2 m/s, 22,5°
Dimension (cm): 38 x 38 cm
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