Level meter C102

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additional cable [m]:

The housing of the level measuring device is made of polyester, it has 4 mounting holes on the... more
Product information "Level meter C102"

The housing of the level measuring device is made of polyester, it has 4 mounting holes on the back. The cable wheel with clutch sitting on a ball-bearing stainless steel shaft. The angular position through a gear set to the built-in encoder C13 is transmitted as a measuring transducer.

Advantages of the device:

  • low Sromverbrauch
  • maintenance poverty through the use of measurement principles verschiiessarmer
  • higher measuremen accurancy
  • absolute measuring device, independ from the power supply

The level measuring devices is modular. This variation of the device are possible.

 Possible parameters of the variations:

  • Measuring range of 12-15 bits
  • Gear ratio,
  • Seilradumfang of 120-200 mm
  • Resolution from 0.3mm height difference
  • Groove width for a rope 0.6-1.0 mm,
  • Numeric display and
  • interfaces

The standard device has a cable wheel with 200mm scale and a 13-bit encoder C13. With a gear ratio of 0.5 cm resolution that gives a measuring range up to 40 m water height. The interface is 13 bit parallel Wikodierer.


13 bit parallel Wikodierer, purely binary Gray code. Power supply 5V =, power consumption approximately 25 mA, min. Turn-on time 15μs. With this interface, the device must be switched on only during the scan code, otherwise it may be de-energized.

 Parallel permanently. Here is an electronic circuit board is installed that constantly keeps the measured value to its output registers with 13 bit parallel or 15 bit multiplexed ready. Supply 5V, <1mA. Optionally with numeric display

 SDI-12 interface. Optionally with numeric display.

 Dastec interface (Lidaformat) with line drivers and surge protection for cable Wide transmission over several km on telecommunication cables. With digital display

Manufacturer: HIM
Measuring device type: Pegelmesser
Application: Coastal Surveillance, Hydrology, industry, Marine, Research, Water Management
Messbereich[m]: 0..40 m
Resolution: 0,5 cm
Resolution (bits): 12, 13, 15
Interfaces: 13 Bit Wikelkodierer, SDI 12
Rillenweite: 0,6-1,0 mm
Seilradumfang: 100-200 mm
Diplay: two line LCD
Power consumption: 5V@25mA
Housing: Plastic
Dimension (cm): 102x102x82mm
Weight (Kg): 1,0
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