Sensor for air temperature

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Mela® humidity / temperature sensors must be installed in a room representative of the... more
Product information "Sensor for air temperature"

Mela® humidity / temperature sensors must be installed in a room representative of the climatic measurement, in the plant or in the unit. The proximity of radiators, windows or external walls must be avoided. The stated minimum air velocities as well as the load at the I output (diagram) adapted to the operating voltage should be observed. Deviations thereof can lead to additional measurement errors due to self-heating. The mounting position of the sensor is arbitrary. However, it should be installed in such a way as to prevent the penetration of water. Condensation and splash water do not damage the sensor, but lead to incorrect measurements until the filter is completely dried out. In order to maintain the immunity to interference in accordance with EN 61326-2-3 when using the device, we recommend using a shielded cable to connect the sensors and to mount it in the enclosed cable socket of the sensor. The protective filters should be unscrewed carefully only for the purpose of checking the function with the dampening solution. Care must be taken that the high-sensitivity sensor element is not touched. Contaminated filters can be washed out in the unscrewed state as required. When re-screwing, it must be taken into account that the sensor does not measure correctly until it has dried completely. Sensors can be completely cleaned with distilled water. As mounting aids, we recommend e.g. A wall bracket or the mounting plate. The Mela® dampening solution is suitable for simple function checking. Further information, which should be taken into account when using humidity sensors with capacitive sensor elements, can be found in the "Application notes for sensor elements".

Sensor Type: Sensor for air temperature
Norm: DIN EN 60751 Platinum measuring resistors, VDI 3786 Part 3 air temperature
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 2 Measurement of temperature
Operating conditions: Indoor, Outdoor
Manufacturer: Galltec Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH
Test certificate:: 0 °C, +20°C,+40°C
Degree of protection: IP 40, IP66
Measuring range [° C]: -30 ... +70
Measuring element:: Pt100 Class B
Measurement Accuracy: 0...1V (-27...80°. ±0,2 K, 0...10V (-29...80°C).. ±0,2 K , 4...20mA ...-0,3...0,6 K (abhängig von der Luftgeschwindigkeit) bei <10°C, >40°C . ±0,007K/K zusätzl.
Measurement methods: Resistance thermometers
voltage supply: I-Ausgang...12...30V DC, U-Ausgang 0...1 V... 6...30V DC, U-Ausgang 0...10 V 15...30V DC
analog Output: 0...20 mA, 0..1 V, 4...20 mA
Application: Agriculture, Building automation, climate measurements, Disposal site monitoring, industry, Research, Site supervision, Solar technology, Synoptic
Dimension (cm): L: 267 x 103 m
Weight (Kg): 0,3
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