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Measuring range:

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Electronic movements are in the temperature range of -20 ... + 60 ° C and mechanical movements in the temperature range of -35 ... + 80 ° C.


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A Barograph is a measuring device which records the timing of the air pressure on a paper... more
Product information "Barograf"

A Barograph is a measuring device which records the timing of the air pressure on a paper covered with drum. The resulting curve is called "barogram". The evaluation of the barogram can give to the expert evidence of future weather development.


In particular, are often found on ships barograph. Barographs play in aviation, in particular glider, a role. Then, however, often spoken of a level recorder. Since the air pressure decreases with altitude is known, the altitude profile of the flight can be analyzed after landing. There is also Barographs that register the air pressure history on a disc, or electronic barographs where the barogram appear on a (LC) display.


Aneroidbarographen serve the continuous recording of air pressure. The sensing element is a 7x Diaphragms sentence. It is made of a corrosion-resistant copper-beryllium alloy, which has proven itself due to their excellent elastic properties for years for pressure measurement well. Aging, hysteresis and elastic aftereffect are practically non.


All variants of the barograph have very large range of applications. Dependent on four adjustable pressure ranges, each 106.7 hPa are available. High flexibility in Messortwahl enables worldwide use of the barograph.


The main features of Aneroidbarographen are:

  • network-independent and tamperproof
  • broader writing drum (160 mm)
  • Pressure measuring element with overload protection for transport to 2700 m altitude
  •  9-fold membrane cans set
  • corrosion-resistant, elastic material
  • good measurement accuracy (± 0.2 hPa)
  • long-term stability
  • temperature compensated
  • Reversible (1d - 7d) mechanical movement
  • high reliability
  • maintenance-free
Norm: VDI 3786 Part 16 measuring the air pressure
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part I Chapter 3 Measurement of atmospheric pressure
Recorders type: Barograph
Application: Airports, Building automation, climate measurements, Environmental Protection, Gliding ports, industry, Landing sites, Military, Research, Transport monitoring
Operating conditions: 0 ... 150 m NN, 150 ... 350 m NN, 350 ... 600 m NN, 600 ... 850 m NN, 850 ...1.100 m NN, Indoor
Manufacturer: Lambrecht Meteo
Measuring range [hPa]: 880 ... 980 hPa, 905 ... 1005 hPa, 930 ... 1030 hPa, 955 ... 1055 hPa
Measurement Accuracy: ± 0.2 hPa
Measurement methods: Aneroid tin, temperature compensated
Measuring edition: adjustable measuring range
Drive:: mechanically
Rotation of Time [h]: 7d
Housing: Aluminium • textured paint RAL 5009 (azure), Aluminum cast and stainless steel painted white, Float glass panels with bevelled edge, base plate and measuring mechanism in polished brass, Housing in beech; stained mahogany colored
Dimension (cm): L 29,0 x 14,5 x 19,0 cm, L 34,5x19,0x18,5 cm
Test certificate:: 750 ... 1150 hPa 10 Prüfpunkte
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