Meteorological Parachute PC-110

Meteorological Parachute PC-110
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The radiosondes parachute PC-110 is the safe recovery of the radiosonde to the measuring insert... more
Product information "Meteorological Parachute PC-110"

The radiosondes parachute PC-110 is the safe recovery of the radiosonde to the measuring insert and security caused by falling objects.

Bigger radiosonde parachutes serve dropsondes as parachutes. Here, a very low rate of descent must be achieved.

The parachute is made of a plastic material that decomposes under UV irradiation.


 1. Parachute with the upper strap to attach the leash, which is connected to the balloon ..

2. Attach the leash to the radiosonde on the lower loop.

3. Please check that all 6 Cap between parachute and expander parallel before the start of the balloon.

4. Please note that the distance between the balloon and radiosonde sufficient is (recommended values Balloon - Parachute> 3m, balloon - measuring system> 30m), so as not to affect the measurement by the air turbulence of the balloon.

Manufacturer: BBL Elektronik & Aeromet GmbH
Application: Aerology, Environmental Protection, Marine, Military, Radiosondes, Synoptic
Norm - WMO: WMO-No,8 7th Edition Part II Chapter 2 Measurements and observations at aeronautical meteorological stations
Material: Plastic
Material thickness [g / m2]: ca.30 g/m2
Fallschirmfarbe: Signalfarbe rot-orange
Opening aid: Yes
Weight with opening aid [g]: 34
Payload (g): 1500
Parachute surface [m2}: 1
Operating temperature [° C]: -50...+ 80°C
Descent speed [m / s]: 4.2 m / s @ 15 N (approximately 1.5 kg)
Tensile strength [N]: 260 N (approximately 26 kg)
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