K.K.S. COSMOPREN pilot balloon

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With hydrogen fillable elastic balloon as a carrier pilot probes into the lower layers of the... more
Product information "K.K.S. COSMOPREN pilot balloon"

With hydrogen fillable elastic balloon as a carrier pilot probes into the lower layers of the atmosphere. Pilot balloons are used to determine the wind direction and wind speed and cloud height in the base layer.


The weather balloon manufacturing company is an old and well-established company. The company was founded 1894th Balloons are produced for over 100 years. COSMOPRENE is an excellent Balloon brand for meteorological observation and finds worldwide attention.

  • easy to handle,
  • can be started in all weather conditions
  • increases rapidly rises,
  • Day and night use
  • used without preheating.

 The Cosmoprene balloons are made of natural rubber (latex) or synthetic rubber, which have high efficiency and are very reliable. Unlike Chinese and Indian weather balloons, Cosmoprene balloons are produced and formed by the immersion method. This means that the product quality is much more uniform. This means that much less talc for storage of the balloon can be eigesetz. As it is reduced so that the weight of the balloon. COSMOPRENE was accepted by Japanese Meteorological Service, Japanese Army and the World Meteorological Organization, and NATO as an approved product for meteorological purposes. COSMOPRENE leads the world through their proven performance.

 On request, the pilot balloon with an LED light and a battery for night climbs are available.

tBalloone Art: Pilot balloon
Manufacturer: KKS
Ascent speed [m/s]: 200 m/min
Neck diameter (cm): 1,2 ± 0,3
Neck length (cm): 9,0 ± 1,0
Average bursting height (km): 10,5 km
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